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Stains on Quartz Countertops: Correct Ways of Cleaning Them

Jun 13

If you are a happy quartz countertop owner, then you know that they are extremely sturdy and also low-maintenance. Nonetheless, it is inevitable that you will certainly obtain stains on your quartz countertops eventually. Whether it's from splashed coffee or grape juice, these stains can be a pain to eliminate if not cleaned up appropriately. In this blog post, we will certainly talk about the proper means of cleaning stains on quartz countertops. We will also provide ideas on how to stop these stains from happening to begin with!

Why Quartz Countertops Get Stained

In spite of quartz countertops being stain-resistant, it is not completely unsusceptible to discoloration. A refined item of crafted quartz counters includes 90-95% all-natural quartz that's bound together with polymer materials as well as pigments. The natural quartz is what provides the countertop its stain-resistant properties while the remaining 5-10% of polymer resins and pigments can be at risk to staining.

Usual Stains on Quartz Countertops

There are 2 main sorts of stains that can happen on quartz countertops. These are:

Water Stains

These are the most usual kind of stains that occur on quartz countertops. Water stains can happen when water droplets are left on the surface of the counter for a prolonged amount of time. These water droplets will ultimately vaporize, leaving a mineral deposit that can be challenging to remove.

Usual Spill Stains

The second type of stains that can happen on quartz surface areas are common spill stains. These consist of stains from food, oil, oil, sauces, nail gloss remover, makeup, as well as anything else that can be spilled on the countertop. While water stains are commonly easy to remove, typical spill stains can be harder to get rid of. These stains cal likewise alter the shade of your quartz countertop.

Proper Ways of Cleaning Stains on Quartz Countertops

There are a few various ways that you can clean stains on your quartz countertop, however we can streamline it down right into three actions:

1. Determine the Type of Stain

The initial step is to identify the type of quartz stains that you're handling. If it's a water stain, then you can begin by cleaning it with mild soap and also a cozy water service. If the stain is from an usual spill, then you will certainly require to utilize a stronger cleaning solution like cooking soda or hydrogen peroxide.

2. Start Cleaning

Once you have determined the kind of stain, you can start cleaning it with the appropriate service. For water stains, just clean down the location with a cloth soaked in a moderate soap and water option. For typical spill stains, use the cleaning option to a cloth as well as massage it right into the stained area. You might require to scrub the stain with a brush to remove it entirely.

3. Rinse as well as Dry

After you have removed the stain, it is essential to rinse the area with clean water and also dry it off with a soft towel. This will certainly eliminate any residual cleaning option that can possibly harm your quartz countertop. It's also vital to avoid utilizing harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners on your quartz countertop. These can damage the quartz countertop surface as well as make it more at risk to staining.

How To Eliminate Hard Stains from Your Quartz Counters?

While quartz countertops are resistant to staining, there are some challenging stains that can be tough to get rid of. If you have a hard stain that you can not appear to eliminate, then there are a couple of points that you can attempt:

1. Using a Glass Cleaner

The majority of glass cleaners consist of ammonia, which is a powerful cleaning agent. They do not leave any type of touches and are wonderful for cleaning hard stains. Merely spray the glass cleaner onto the stain and wipe it away with a clean fabric. This can help in dissolving oil and also oil-based stains without damaging the bonds between quartz as well as the material.

2. White Vinegar and Water Remedy

If you don't have any glass cleaner on hand, after that you can also attempt using a white vinegar and water solution. Just mix equal parts white vinegar and also water in a spray bottle as well as mist it onto the stain. Allow it sit for a few mins before cleaning it away with a clean towel. This solution is fantastic for eliminating difficult water stains

Preventing Stains on Quartz Countertops

The very best means to stay clear of stains on quartz countertops is to stop them from happening in the first place. Right here are some tips that can assist you do just that:

Clean up spills instantly: With any kind of type of countertop, it's important to clean up spills as soon as they happen. The longer a spill is left externally, the more probable it is to stain. So, if you splash something on your quartz countertop, be sure to clean it up immediately.

Use rollercoasters and placemats: One more means to stop discoloration is to utilize rollercoasters as well as placemats when you're using your quartz countertop. This will certainly aid secure the surface from spills as well as various other possible stains. The rollercoasters and also placemats will certainly additionally aid to keep your countertop looking clean and also brand-new

Don't make use of severe chemicals: As discussed over, rough chemicals can harm the surface of your quartz countertop. So, it's ideal to stay clear of utilizing them completely. If you do need to use a cleaning service, be sure to pick one that is particularly developed for quartz countertops.

Make use of a cutting board: Straight slicing and preparing food on your quartz countertop can cause scrapes as well as stains. So, it's finest to use a reducing board when you're cooking. This will not just aid to stop stains, yet it will certainly additionally maintain your countertop appearing like new

Taking care of your quartz countertop is important if you desire it to last for years to come. By adhering to the tips above, you can assist to prevent and eliminate stains and keep your countertop looking its best. Do you have any kind of various other tips for avoiding stains as well as keeping clean quartz countertops? Share them with us in the remarks below!

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