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Do I need a permit to remodel my kitchen?

Dec 11


Many homeowners will ask us if they require a permit from the city to remodel their kitchens. We are an Atlanta kitchen remodeling contractor that designs and builds many kitchen renovations. We are happy to give you some details about the process.

Kitchen Remodel Permits are for your Protection

Let's begin by explaining what kitchen remodel permits are. Everyone hates permits. Permits are basically a way for the city of Toronto to regulate construction. Permits are not just for the city to collect fees. They also serve to ensure safety and energy conservation. Permits are something that contractors love just as much, I'm sure. Let's face the facts.This is what permits do.

Are YOU a candidate for a permit?

Everyone wants to know if they require a permit for a kitchen remodel. It is only necessary if the house is being renovated or moved. A permit is not required if you're restoring your cabinets. You will not need a permit if you are replacing or removing cabinets in the same place. You don't need a permit if you remove and replace cabinets in the same location. Ask your kitchen remodel contractors for their opinion, they will be able to tell you!

What type of kitchen remodel permit do you need?

There are several types of permits. There are three types of permits: one is for trade (electrical, plumbing, or mechanical). If you are planning to install new lights or add outlets to your electrical system, an electrical permit will be required. A plumbing permit is required if you want to install plumbing on your island in order to have a vegetable sink. This permit is very easy to get. 


This permit is usually available "over-the-counter" and can be obtained the same day as you request it. A building permit is another type of permit. A building permit is required if you are going to take down a wall. A building permit is required if you are moving a wall or doing electrical or plumbing work. A permit is required for every trade, which will require a complete set of plans and not just a line drawing.

How do you get a permit?

So how do you get a permit? A qualified person (usually a draftsman) will measure your property and create "as-built” drawings. This will show the current state of your home. Kitchen remodeling atlanta ga will help you create plans that will guide you in the renovation of your house.


What permits can a home improvement contractor get?

As part of your kitchen remodeling contract, an Atlanta kitchen remodeling contractor can help you with the design, 3D renderings, and submission of permits.

Are you required to obtain a building permit in order to remodel your kitchen?

If you're making structural changes to your kitchen (e.g. taking down or adding interior or exterior walls), you don't need a permit. If you submit for a full-scale building permit, there may be times when special zones will review your plans before the permit is granted. It may be required to review your plans if you live close to an airport. The city can arrange for special zones to review the plans. The permit process should be well informed to your contractor. You should also know how to get your kitchen to remodel permit.


You should spend some time understanding kitchen remodeling timelines as well as how this relates to hiring contractors and getting permits. It usually takes 4-6 weeks for kitchen remodeling permits to be issued. After you get your kitchen remodel permit, you'll need to inspect the house before you start construction. Your contractor will likely request inspections because you are likely to be working with a local remodeling contractor. 


There are a few reasons inspections can delay a project. You must a) make an appointment and then stop working until the inspector approves. b) If the inspector doesn't like something, he will pass the inspection. Your contractor will have to fix it and schedule another inspection on a different date.


The permit process is not something that anyone enjoys. Even inspectors may find it difficult to enjoy the permit process. This process will ensure that your remodel is completed to code and safely.